These pens are bomb!!! A little pricey but totally worth it cause it lasts a long time and are super handy. The flavours I got so far all taste very good and feel even greater. Favourite is the blueberry, so far I tried watermelon, grape on the way! Adding one to my orders.

RyanVerified Customer

I Just Bought 2 of The Skittlez One. Wow It Really Packs A Punch. Thanks You Guys! You People Rock!

BigNVerified Customer

Best and easiest pens out there. Simply inhale and go. No messing with buttons or anything. The charge last surprisingly long. And boy do they pack a nice punch.

HoytosjVerified Customer

I absolutely love these vape pens! Best invention ever. Take anywhere to use at anytime! Using the orange soda one now and it tastes amazing!

CharlietuckerVerified Customer

I really enjoy how discreet these are. I enjoyed the high. Helps to relax me. I have tried the bubblegum and pineapple flavours and enjoyed them.

Sil13Verified Customer

Wow! Love these pens. Literally no hassle, no fuss just stick it in your mouth and suck! The flavour is great and SUBTLE I was worried I would get an overpowering sweet taste but have tried 3 and all are great!
Well done!

KaneVerified Customer

Absolutely fantastic product. The various flavors actually taste theyíre supposed to, the high is spectacular, the pen feels great in the hand, battery is long lasting and the taste is out of the world. Iíd smoke these and nothing else if I could. This is a do-not-miss so treat yo self!

DivaqueenVerified Customer

Simple, convenient, discreet and hits pretty good.

matt_jamieson4Verified Customer

Absolutely love these vape pens. They are incredibly discreet and the only scent they leave behind is that of whichever flavor you bought (would recommend the grape). Extremely smooth hits that can sometimes be a little dangerous! Verified Customer

Tastes soo good!!!! Canít wait to get it again

DWatcherVerified Customer

Very good concentrate and flavours I have had about 10+ different kinds.. Easy to use and charge So happy I found a good distillate pen not shatter and harmful E-juices

pszwedVerified Customer

Purchased the pen as well as the 1 g cart, my new favourite for sure! Tastes amazing and does the job well. Also , so pretty!!!

destinyberlinghoffVerified Customer

Taste amazing and gets the job done. Perfect on the go pen to keep in my bag for anytime. Hope you get more flavours back in stock! Iíll basically buy them all

RyanVerified Customer

I bought this because I can no longer smoke a joint without harsh results even into the next day with coughing etc. Unfortunately, my husband also loves it so, I had to order 2 more. I hope they don't run out of stock any time soon!

Abby T.Verified Customer

First time user, I love the fact these are Discrete they work extremely well. I can have a couple puffs and mellow out. Having social anxiety makes going out hard, with this pen not only can I go out but can actually enjoy myself

Breann.N.AllinVerified Customer

10/10 just what I wanted! I got the front loop flavour and all around a great taste. Very pleased with this purchase would recommend! Ordering another ASAP!

Drgreen416 Verified Customer

I love these vape pens! Best thing ever for travelling. Theyíre discreet, taste great, and pack a punch!

acasavant87Verified Customer

Cute and Yummy
Loved the flavour! Too bad its disposable I would have loved to reuse that pink vape pen!

Maude N.Verified Customer

I just bought this pen for the first time! I am in love. Bought orange crush flavor, tastes great and packs quite a punch. Will definitely keep buying!

valerie.uhlinVerified Customer